The multilateral cross-border cooperation "Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme" is part of the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and of its financing instrument (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument - ENPI) for the 2007-2013 period: it aims at reinforcing cooperation between the European Union (EU) and partner countries regions placed along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The main purpose  is developing an area of peace, stability and prosperity and good neighbourliness involving EU Mediterranean Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries.

The Programme’s strategy is based on four key elements.

1) The specific characteristics and trends of the cooperation area, highlighted by the context analysis, leaded to focus on orientations such as the maximization of flows of goods, people and capital among the territories of the Mediterranean Basin Countries, the contribution to establishing an area of peace, exchange, dialogue and cooperation able to enhance cultural, human, social, natural and economic dimension of the Mediterranean Countries, as well as the production of real and sustainable effects on local development of the territories.

2) The activation of operational synergies with ongoing and planned initiatives in countries and territories of the Mediterranean Sea Basin in order to enhance the background of knowledge and experiences and to amplify the Programme’s range of action.

3) The specific nature of the Programme as a cross border cooperation initiative, which involves a great number of local, regional and national subjects, taking into account the limited financial resources available for it and the competencies and prerogatives of its main actors.

4) The willingness of participating countries to avoid the fragmentation and dispersion of the Programme's actions, thus focusing on a limited number of priorities in order to produce more tangible impact on the whole cooperation area.



This website has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of the Sapienza University of Rome and GREAT Med partners and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union or of the Programme’s management structures.