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Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is one of the oldest universities in the world and a high performer among the largest universities in international rankings. The main campus was opened in 1935. It is the largest in Europe, within it teaching activities are integrated with libraries, museums and comprehensive student services. Sapienza carries out outstanding scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both on a national and international level.

Two Departments of Sapienza University are involved in the project:

The Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering (DIAEE) led by Prof. Franco Gugliermetti. It coordinates major research projects on risk analysis, environmental impact assessment  and mapping of environmental sensitivity related to hydrocarbon and HNS maritime traffic in coastal and marine environments.

Housed in the Department of Environmental Biology (DEB), the Laboratory of Nature Conservation, Land Planning and Landscape Ecology led by Prof. Carlo Blasi includes several researchers with different though highly integrated research interests ranging from biological invasions, land ecological classification, studies on vegetation dynamics, in-depth analysis on the Habitats Directive, studies on freshwater biology.

Moreover, the Interdepartmental Centre for Territory, Housing, Heritage and Environment (CITERA) collaborates on project activities related to the analysis of best available techniques and strategies analyses for sustainable coastal infrastructures, including Coastal sustainable infrastructures planning and design in Mediterranean pilot areas. CITERA, leads by Prof. Fabrizio Cumo,  develops scientific and applied researches and high level training in the following field: design of the architectural and urban space, planning of the territory and the landscape, conservation of the historical heritage, renewable energies.




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