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The National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon (CNRS) is a national public institution, which, since its establishment by law in 1962, has been entrusted with a double mission: the first advisory, the second executive. Reporting to the Prime Minister, the CNRS is an autonomous office directed by a Board of Directors and managed by a Secretary General. The consultative mission of the CNRS involves the formulation of guidelines for national scientific policies aimed at enhancing the development of the country. As part of its executive mission, the CNRS secures the promotion, organization and realization of these policies in programmes of action, implemented in its own research centers or in collaboration with other academic, research and development institutions. As part of its main mission, the objectives of the CNRS are to develop scientific research in Lebanon and to direct that research to respond to the needs of the country and to the evolution of science and innovation worldwide.

The creation of 4 affiliated research centers is a major accomplishment of the CNRS, namely: the National Centre for Geophysics, the National Centre for Marine Sciences, the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission and The National Centre for Remote Sensing.

The CNRS has been involved in several EU funded projects, most recently the EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Cooperation through ERANET joint activities and beyond (ERANETMED) & the Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway (MEDSPRING); in which the CNRS-L is playing a leading role in orienting and implementing joint EU-MED initiatives and collaborations. Other FP7 Projects in which the CNRS was involved are: MIRA, INCAM-ERAWIDE, MED-IST, MEDCOASTLAND JOIN-MED, SEADATANET, SESAME, and others. The majority of these projected contributed to enhancing the local expertise by implementing innovative methodologies.

The main objectives, CNRS are:

-          To draw the general outline of a national science and research policy;

-          To advise the government on any issue concerning science and national science policy;

-          To carry out surveys and inventories of on-going research;

-          To formulate work programs in cooperation with the concerned ministries and the private sector;

-          To initiate and encourage scientific research in the theoretical and applied aspects of basic, social and behavioral sciences.

The CNRS-L has launched in 2012 an observatory O-Life (Observatoire Libano-Francais de l’Environnement) labeled as an international Laboratory in association with CNRS France, IRD and 34 Lebanese and French academic institutions.

The O-Life objectives are:

-          Conduct simultaneously: Observation, Research, Training and Valuation in Environment

-          Coordinate research skills through common tools and objects

-          Organize, share, sustain and develop environmental data 

These tasks will be conducted in four priority themes: resources (water and biodiversity); risks (waste management, urbanization, seismicity, pollution); interaction between science and society and socio-environmental implications of environmental research and sustainable development; and information and training to the public and public policy makers

O-Life will provide Great Med with institutional support for its Mediterranean research dimension and will facilitate networking among partners.

Scientific Programmes and International Collaborations at the CNRS-Lebanon

-          Grant Research Programme & Associated Research Units (GRP & ARU);

-          Scholarship Progamme;

-          International & Regional Cooperation;

-          International Projects;

-          Conferences;

-          Publications, Journals & Papers

-          Invited Foreign Scientists;

-          Exchange Programmes.






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