WP 4 – Biodiversity and land use analysis for toolkit elaboration


PPs INVOLVED:            Sapienza; BIOECOS-MA; LSGC; AUB; CNRS-L


A4.1 Collection and structure of existing data

A4.2 Assessment of biodiversity vulnerability

A 4.3 Development and parameterization of a neutral and a trait-based meta-community model to predict biodiversity changes and losses

A4.4 Development of a monitoring strategy for plant diversity

A4.5 Proposal of a procedure for site prioritization for conservation of plant diversity


R4.1 An up-to-date database of environmental and biodiversity data of analysed study areas; these will be GIS layers to be published on the project web site, or metadata with links to data owners;

R4.2 Procedure for assessing vulnerability of Mediterranean biodiversity in coastal areas; habitat conservation values and site prioritization to answer to planned management policies of national and regional governments;

R4.3 Monitoring strategy to detect effectively changes in coastal biodiversity, this will identify scale and effective sample size for early detection of biodiversity losses, based on modern ecological theory.




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